Cino’s wireless lineup just got even better with the new FuzzyScan Smart Dongle
Cino is pleased to introduce its very own Bluetooth smart dongle. The FuzzyScan Smart Dongle is a small, protable communication base that brings wireless convenience at your fingertips. It enables users to connect their Cino Bluetooth imagers with a wide range of host devices that lack Bluetooth capabilities.
Visit CINO at Computex 2019
Join us at Computex 2019 and discover Cino’s latest advancements in barcode scanning! Explore our world-class solutions in person, and experience the leverage that they offer.

Dates : May 28 ~ June 1, 2019
Venue : Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2
Booth No. : R1330, 4th Floor
Multilingual Support Removes Your Language Barrier
Cino is pleased to announce that FuzzyScan area-imaging scanners now support the output of multiple languages via USB HID interface, including Arabic, Greek, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese and more. Double-byte character sets, such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean, are also covered.
Visit Cino at China Retail Trade Fair!
Cino will join the The 20th China Retail Trade Fair at Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center from Nov. 1 ~ Nov. 2.


Dates 展會時間: 2018/11/01 - 2018/11/03
Venue 展會地點: 昆明滇池国际会展中心
Booth No. 展位號: 11048

Visit Cino at IOTE 2018!
Cino will join the 2018 (10th) International Internet of Things Exhibition at Shenzhen Convention & Ehibition Center from Jul. 31 ~ Aug. 2.


Dates 展會時間: Jul 31th - Aug 2th, 2018
Venue 展會地點: Shenzhen Convention & Ehibition Center 深圳會展中心
Booth No. 展位號: 1A60

iCode, No More Hassle to Configure Your Scanner
The iCode is a newly designed feature supported by the latest Cino FuzzyScan imager family. It is a macro barcode programming command enabling users to configure their FuzzyScan barcode scanners with minimal effort.
PDF417 Ready for all FuzzyScan Linear Imagers  
All Cino FuzzyScan Linear Imagers will support the readability of PDF417 and stacked barcodes, including Micro PDF417, Codablock F and most Composite Codes.
Visit CINO at Computex 2018  
Cino will join Computex 2018, the leading global ICT and IoT show, from June 5 ~ 9.

Dates : June 5~9, 2018
Venue : NangGang Exhibition Center
Booth No. : K0929a, Ground Level
The ideal 2D Corded and Cordless Scanners for enterprise applications
Cino is pleased to present the new FuzzyScan A780 series corded and cordless 2D imagers, the ultimate barcode scanning solution for most general purpose enterprise applications, including healthcare, logistic, warehousing, and so on.
The premium 2D Corded and Cordless Scanners for retail applications
Cino is pleased to present the new FuzzyScan A680 series corded and cordless 2D imagers, the premium barcode scanning solution for retail and commercial applications.
Reading Performance Improvement
of FuzzyScan F680 Corded and F680BT Cordless Linear Imaging Scanners
In order to provide superior cost-performance in commercial and retail applications, Cino has improved the reading performance of the FuzzyScan F680 corded and F680BT cordless series linear imaging scanners.
An enterprise-class Wi-Fi cordless barcode scanner meets
today’s mobility challenge
In order to provide our worldwide customers a more reliable enterprise-class mobile scanning and data collection solution, Cino is pleased to introduce the migration of Cino Wi-Fi Cordless Scanner 3.0. It not only provides 802.11b/g/n connectivity but also supports fast roaming in enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure environment.
A series of best cost-performance 2D Area-imaging scanners
Cino is pleased to introduce A670 and A670BT series, the new members of FuzzyScan 2D Area-imaging scanner family, to fulfill the increasing demands of 2D barcode scanning and data collection in retail and commercial segments.
Performance Migration on FuzzyScan 2D Area Imaging Scanners
Cino is pleased to unveil the extraordinary performance migration on all A770 and A770BT Corded and Cordless scanners. Powered by the latest FuzzyScan 3.0 imaging technology together with a more powerful computing platform, the migrated A770 and A770BT series scanners deliver outstanding scanning performance, impressive snappy reading and unparalleled ease of use. Thanks to this migration, most poor quality barcodes can be read faster and more accurately than before.
The panel design of Fixed Mount Scanner FM480 has been optimized
The panel design of Fixed Mount Scanner FM480 has been optimized to well suit diverse applications and environments.
The Ruggedized Bluetooth Pocket Scanner for Enterprise Applications
Powered by the latest Bluetooth v 4.0 wireless technology and the cutting-edge FuzzyScan 3.0 imaging technology, this rugged yet compact Cino Bluetooth pocket scanner series marries impressive design, leading-edge technologies with industrial class reliability, rich functionality and ultimate freedom of connectivity.
FA470, a future-proof area-imaging fixed mount scanner
for boosting enterprise’s productivity
Cino, a leading manufacturer of Auto Identification and Data Collection products, introduces her latest FuzzyScan FA470 series Area-imaging Fixed Mount Scanner today.

Developed with the innovative FuzzyScan 3.0 area-imaging technology and IP54 uptra-compact yet durable over-mold construction, the FA470 series fixed mount scanner is the perfect solution for embedded and stand-alone applications.
SM380/SM5700, the self-contained OEM scan modules
for barcode scanning applications
Creating a sound barcode scanning solution to meet the diverse needs from industry and enterprise applications is really a challenge. Cino OEM Scan Module family is specially designed for embedded barcode scanning application, lowering customer’s development costs and accelerating product time to market.
The First Bluetooth 4.0 Area-imaging Bar Code Scanner
Cino is pleased to unveil the most contemporary FuzzyScan A770BT series Bluetooth cordless area-imaging bar code scanner today. It is built on the heritage of successful FuzzyScan area-imaging scanner and Bluetooth cordless scanners, well-known throughout the world as the benchmark for the superior reading performance, reliable cordless operation as well as versatile features.
FuzzyScan 3.0 Imaging Technology
Cino is a well-established manufacturer of Auto Identification and Data Capture products since 1988. Recognizing the challenges presented by the continuous technological advances in AIDC industry, Cino has been dedicating its R&D resources to build the related core technological competencies. With a view to delivering extraordinary price-performance value products to worldwide customers, this motivation drove the creative development of Cino next generation imaging innovation: FuzzyScan 3.0 imaging technology.

What’s FuzzyScan 3.0 Imaging Technology?
FuzzyScan 3.0 is the third generation imaging technology of Cino which is the result of many years’ research and development on various real world needs and usability. It consists of three major core technologies, including...
Total Migration
Cino, a professional manufacturer of Auto Identification and Data Capture products is pleased to announce the Total Migration on all Cino FuzzyScan members. Thanks to Total Migration, we believe it not only brings exceptional price-performance value, lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), but also delivers superior return on investment (ROI) to protect your investment.
The Total Migration is an overall improvement powered by cutting edge FuzzyScan 3.0 Imaging Technology. It covers all FuzzyScan family products...
Welcome to Visit Us during Computex – Taipei session
We will launch a series of new products in the near future; you are most welcomed to visit our head office during Computex session for more details.
FuzzyScan A770 2D Area Imager - Extending the Vision of Barcode Reading
Cino presents a whole new series of 2D Area Imaging 2D Scanners – A770 Series. The adoption of 2D barcodes has been increasing in these years. It’s driven by the advantages of 2D barcodes and many emerging applications, such as mobile marketing and ticketing. With the aim of meeting the broadening interests of the market and fulfilling enterprises’ versatile data capture needs for both today and future, Cino is pleased to make the official announcement of FuzzyScan A770 series area Imager.

The A770 series is powered by cutting-edge FuzzyScan 3.0 area-imaging technology. It’s not only constructed with ruggedized over-mold enclosure, delivering outstanding reading performance, but it also has numerous user friendly features. Moreover, the antimicrobial model A770 HC features disinfectant-ready housing and a built-in vibrator, providing an ideal solution for hygiene-sensitive and sterile environments. The A770 series offers an exceptional cost-performance solution for retail, logistics, healthcare and industry applications. For more information, please visit the Cino website: