A560 Series

  • Reads most challenging and problematic barcodes
  • Superior first-time read
  • Reads barcodes shown on smart phone screens
  • Withstands drops from 1.6m onto concrete
  • Sharp green aimer for easy focusing of barcodes
  • Rich audio and visual feedback
  • Optional vibrator for tactile confirmations
  • Supports multilingual data output
  • Single scan configuration with the iCode
  • Advanced data processing with DataWizard Premium
  • Cost-free security with Security Plus

Specifically built to satisfy the increasing demands of 2D barcodes scanning in the most cost-sensitive retail and commercial segments, the FuzzyScan A560 delivers superior reading performance with stylish and durable design. Complemented with a host of value-added features, the A560 reduces your total cost of ownership while empowering workers to improve operational efficiencies. The A560 offers outstanding value for money that fits your budge perfectly.

No Compromise on Performance

The A560 delivers superior reading performance to capture various challenging barcodes that are presented at checkout counter. Its multilingual output capability fulfills more scanning requirements to broaden the range of your business.

Capture most real-world barcodes

Powered by FuzzyScan imaging platform, the A560 rapidly scans paper labels, membership cards, and many problematic barcodes encountered in practice, including distorted, soiled, damaged barcodes as well as barcodes shown on smart phone screens.

Superior reading range

The A560 provides superior reading range and snappiness. It's capable of reading high density barcode from near contact, and capturing 13mil UPC/EAN from 13.9" far away. The point-and-shoot intuitive and snappy reading experience makes it ideal for diverse retail and commercial applications.

Output data in diverse languages

Cino 2D scanners support the output of multiple languages, including languages like Arabic, German, Greek, Russian, Turkish, and more. The Asian languages such as simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are also covered. This enables users around the world to use their own languages, removing linguistic barriers and expanding business horizons.

Enhanced User Experience

Every FuzzyScan scanner is built with the user in mind without exception. The scanner is loaded with rich user interfaces and practical features that take user's scanning experience to the next level.

Stylish, ergonomic and durable

Built on lightweight shaver-shape form factor, the A560 merges style and ergonomics. This makes it easily blend into any commercial decor while minimizing user fatigue during repetitive tasks. It is durable enough to withstand 1.6m drops onto concrete. Its solid construction provides a degree of protection.

Sharp green aimer for rapid targeting of barcodes

The A560 provides clear green aimer. The “green round spot” LED beam provides high visibility, helping users aim the barcode faster with greater accuracy.

Rich user feedbacks

This barcode scanner contains a programmable beeper with adjustable sound volume. Its crystal clear LED indication light provides conspicuous indication. Along with the optional vibrator, these sensory feedbacks work in concert to promote a greater scanning experience.

Optional vibrator for quiet or noisy environments

An optional vibrator is available, offering tactile confirmation of good reads. It is ideal for places where the scanner’s beeps might be disruptive, such as a library. Vibrations may also be preferable in environments where beeping sounds may be drowned out by loud noises, e.g. manufacturing plant.

Value Beyond Measure

The FuzzyScan DNA consists of a series of unique features designed to bring true value. These innovative technologies transform the barcode scanning experience by enhancing the scanner's intelligence, versatility, and performance. Unique to Cino barcode scanners, the FuzzyScan DNA delivers practical solutions to modern enterprise challenges, lowering your TCO and helping workers get more done.

Single scan setup via iCode

The iCode is a macro command barcode designed to streamline your setup process and to eliminate the need of scanning multiple command barcodes. Your entire setup can thus be completed with one quick scan of an iCode. This simplified procedure lowers the risk of errors, accelerates deployments, and reduces field service expenses.

Advanced data formatting

With DataWizard Premium, it enables FuzzyScan scanners to manipulate the scanned data prior the transmissions in many ways, such as insert, delete, match, verify, replace, reorganize, and more user-definable configurations. The DataWizard Premium helps user to process scanned data to any specific format without modifying the host application.

Complex data processing

In addition to the talent of data formatting, DataWizard Premium can also be used to perform complex data processing. For instance, parsing data captured from a driver license’s PDF417 barcode for applications involving age verification, or automatic electronic form population. Additionally, the application identifiers (AI) of GS1 barcodes can be parsed and populated into corresponding fields of an electronic form. It reduces the need for costly or time-consuming changes to host application.

Cost-free security for business protection

Security Plus guards your host application by restricting its access to authorized FuzzyScan barcodes scanners only. Thanks to this security mechanism, developers can set the host applications to work exclusively with scanners containing their own algorithm. Without authorized scanners, invalid access to the host application will be forbidden. Morever, Security Plus is available free of charge, delivering an easy and secure solution that protects businesses at no extra cost.

Smart Scene for quick adaption to diverse applications

Smart Scene minimizes configuration efforts by allowing you to choose from preset optimal settings tailored to particular scenarios. Simply pick the scene option that suits your specific needs, and you're good to go! Smart Scene empowers you to attain exceptional scanning results with minimal efforts.