F780BT Series

  • Integrated with the latest Bluetooth wireless technology
  • An instant solution for cordless migration
  • Wireless communication coverage over 100 meters
  • Connect with most Bluetooth-enabled hosts
  • Work with most popular iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Batch Scanning for simple stocktaking
  • Complete lineup fulfills all scanning needs
  • Read most challenging and problematic barcodes
  • Support 2D configuration barcode for easy field setup
  • DataWizard Premium for complicated data formatting
  • Definite audio, tactile and visual user feedbacks
  • Durable construction withstands 2-meter drops

Powered by the latest Bluetooth wireless technology and Cino’s exclusive FuzzyScan imaging technology, FuzzyScan A780BT series cordless area imaging scanner shines its outstanding value on ultimate wireless mobility and unprecedented reading performance. Blending with durable yet gorgeous design and versatile features, the A780BT is ideal for a broad span of enterprise applications requiring reliable cordless barcode scanning such as retail, logistics, healthcare, warehousing, and manufacturing plants, delivering extreme reliability and maximum value to boost your business productivity.

Seamless Wireless Connectivity

Instant Cordless Migration

In places where Bluetooth-enabled host is not available, the A780BT works with Smart Cradle to provide an instant plug-and-play cordless migration with 100-meter communication coverage. Especially, one Smart Cradle can support multi-connection up to 7 scanners simultaneously, reducing your total cost of ownership.

Exceptional Flexibility

To meet today’s diverse requirements of wireless connectivity; the A780BT can easily connect most popular remote Bluetooth hosts via SPP or HID service, including Windows, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

Versatile Functionalities

Reliable On-line Scanning

The A780BT creates a leap in efficiency by enabling extremely reliable on-line scanning at the point of activity. Thanks to the "Out-of-range Scanning" feature, it allows you to keep up to 5,000 scans of EAN barcode even when the scanner loses radio connection. Once the scanner is back to the communication coverage, the scanner will send out all stored data automatically.

Cost Saving for Stocktaking

Besides on-line scanning, the “Batch Scanning” allows A780BT to store over 100,000 scans of EAN barcode before transmission. Moreover, the Quantity and Time-stamp features enable you to record quantity information and the time at the point of activity. Once completing the inventory check task, you can transmit entire stored data together with recorded information in one batch through wireless communication. This function is ideally useful for simple and easy inventory management without additional cost.

Useful Data Validation Function

The "Validation Scanning" function allows A780BT to store master data into memory storage for comparing with the scanned data. The validation result can be output according to the preset configuration. It is ideal for valid-data-checking applications, such as order picking, shipping and receiving.

Powered for Whole Day Use

Thanks to the advanced power management, the A780BT delivers the largest number of scans per charge for a whole day use. A 4-level battery status indication makes it easy to see at a glance whether the battery needs to be charged before the scanner is placed into service. No more guess work on battery status during the working shift.

Scan All Your Needs

Capture Every Barcode First Time

Combined with powerful architecture, advanced optics design, and Cino’s exclusive imaging technology, the A780BT is purpose built to fulfill all enterprise barcode scanning needs. It is capable of capturing most challenging and problematic barcodes instantly, including dense, poor quality, distorted, dirty, damaged, or overwrapped barcodes, as well as electronic barcode on a dimly lit display.

Exclusive Imaging Technology

The latest Cino FuzzyScan imaging technology adopts Machine Learning Algorithm along with the endeavoring breakthroughs of core innovation, refreshing barcode scanning performance and snappiness. Powered by FuzzyScan imaging technology, the A780BT delivers unrivaled reading performance among competitions.

Complete Lineup to Fulfill Diverse Requirements

The Standard-range model fulfills most reading needs of high-density and general barcodes with preferable scan range, well suiting a wide range of applications that normally would take different types of scanners to do so. To read very high-density tiny 2D barcodes on electronics manufacturing, jewelry tags, or medical equipment, the High-density model is ready for your choice. If general barcode in farther distance needs to be captured, such as barcodes on large and bulky items on a cart, or on a high warehouse shelf, the Extended-range model satisfies these applications.

Easy to Use

Point-and-shoot Scanning Simplicity

With the omnidirectional scanning capability, there is no need to align with the barcode. Users of all skill levels can start right away with little to no training. This true point-and-shoot simplicity delivers maximum user comfort while increasing the scanning speed.

Clear Aiming Provides Most Intuitive Scanning

The sharp "Round Spot" LED aimer helps to point at barcodes more accurately and quickly. And the super bright red illumination not only enables the snappy barcode capture even in low ambient lighting conditions, but also prevents eye fatigue and improves the environmental comfort.

Rich User Feedback Improves User Experience

The A780BT is equipped with a programmable beeper which provides loud and definite beeps, giving user the positive audio feedback. The build-in multi-color indicators flash to indicate diverse status of the scanner, providing user a clear visual feedback.
In addition to the audio and visual user feedbacks, an optional Vibrator is also available for tactile confirmation of good read. It’s ideal for quiet and noisy environments like hospital, library, and manufacturing plants. Especially for healthcare application, the vibration will notify the caregiver that a barcode is captured properly without disturbing patients.

Maximum Value

Easy Configuration and Management Delivers Great Usability

The FuzzyScan PowerTool is an intuitive software tool that can be easily run by first-time user for configuring and managing your scanner. More than that, you can use PowerTool to generate the desired configuration barcode for quickly setting your scanners with a single scan on the field. This maximizes user’s productivity, especially for those applications requiring mixed operations.

Unique DataWizard Premium Brings More Value

Our unique DataWizard Premium is able to handle very complicated data formatting job via the script programming. By working together with your host application, the DataWizard Premium also offers a cost-free security mechanism to protect your business investment.

Elegantly-crafted yet Durable Over-mold Design

The A780BT brings new stylish to the market, with no compromise in terms of durability and reliability. Its delicate design, along with the streamlined indication, complements the most fashion-conscious environments. Built with the over-mold construction, the A780BT withstands multiple drops to concrete from 2.0-meter height, providing enterprise-class durability and reliability.