L780WD Series

Thanks to the convergence of the cutting-edge FuzzyScan 3.0 Imaging Technology and IEEE 802.11 wireless technology, the versatile Cino Wi-Fi barcode scanner not only supports real-time data transmission and data access through Wi-Fi connectivity, but also can perform batch data collection. It provides an excellent cost-performance solution to replace the high-end cordless scanners, batch data collectors, RF terminals and mobile computers.

  • Enterprise 802.11 WLAN connectivity with WEP, WPA and WPA2 support
  • Support ONLINE, BATCH and unique STERM operation modes
  • STERM mode allows complete bi-directional interaction between scanner and host for real-time data access applications
  • Both ONLINE and BATCH modes support user-defined form with multi-field feature
  • Online mode supports host acknowledgement to guarantee data integrity
  • Batch mode is ideal for various data collection applications
  • Ultimate WaveCentre software for robust application development
  • Built-in vibrator is ideal for noisy and quiet working environment
  • Built-in 2” QVGA color LCD display, two function keys and a five-way navigation key
  • Long range linear imager model and high performance laser imager model are available for choice

Sharp Laser Aiming for Quick and Precise Barcode Capture

Besides LED illumination, the sharp laser aiming which makes the barcode-capture quick and easy in any light condition, including indoor or outdoor. It is also ideal for low-height barcodes reading.

Fast Roaming increases productivity

The Wi-Fi scanner supports fast roaming among access points with same SSID and security in enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure environment. When the signal strength of connected access point drops to certain low threshold, the scanner performs fast site survey, then switches the connection to another most suitable access point.

Reliable and Secure Data Transmission

In on line scanning, the scanned barcode is decoded and transmitted from the point of capture to the remote host through Wi-Fi connectivity immediately. It provides an ideal solution for enterprise mobile scanning and simple data check applications.

Batch Data Collection for Various Applications

The Wi-Fi scanner can store the scanned data into the memory storage. Right after completing the whole batch scanning process, you can transmit all data to the host active application. Furthermore, when the Wi-Fi scanner works with Cino WaveCentre software, you even can save all transmitted data to the host as csv or txt file directly. Optional input fields and transmission sequence are available to meet various host applications.

Solution for Real-time Data Access Applications

STERM (Smart Terminal) mode is an intelligent bi-directional operation mode which allows complete interaction between scanner and host application. Thanks to this function, it provides a cost-eective solution to replace traditional PDT for real-time database application.

Host Acknowledgement Guarantees Data Integrity

If you would like to have more reliable data transmission, the “Host Acknowledgement” feature guarantees the scanned data is received by the host successfully. You can define host acknowledgement message to meet specific application.

User-defined Form for Various Applications

Besides default form, both ONLINE and BATCH modes support user-defined form with maximum 8 input fields. It will be very flexible to meet various customers’ applications.

Optimize and Streamline Workflow

If you just use one specic operation mode, the Auto Run feature will allow the scanner entering into designated operation mode automatically once you turned on the scanner.

Ultimate WaveCentre

When using Wi-Fi scanner together with Cino WaveCentre software, the useful remote control function enables you to send remote messages, lock or unlock one or multiple Wi-Fi scanners from remote host wirelessly. Furthermore, you can transmit scanned data through either virtual COM or HID.

Long-Lasting Power Supports a Full Shift

For mobility solutions, it’s essential to support up to a full shift to avoid wasting time and efficiency by changing the battery. The smart power management performs outstanding power saving to maximize the long-lasting Li-ion battery power, providing up to eight hours of continuous operation.

Reliable and Secure Data Transmission

In addition to conventional WEP security, the advanced WPA and WPA2 security are supported. This prevents unauthorized access to ensure reliable and secure wireless transmission.

Exceptional Confidence and Visibility

The 2” color QVGA LCD provides a clear display for scanned data under different ambient lighting conditions. The user can verify the scanned data on the point of activity, putting an end to blind data collection. It also allows the ease of use on menu-driven configurations and data-entry.

Easy and Quick Manipulation

The Wi-Fi scanner is equipped with two function keys and a 5-way navigation key. It’s very convenient for user to manipulate the operation. This will streamline the workow and increase employee productivity.

More Accurate and Efficient
Data Capture

The smartphone-like virtual keyboard allows user to make alphanumeric data entry at the point of activity. This enables user make immediate input or correction on unreadable bar codes or incorrect scanned data.

Exceptional ROI

The Wi-Fi scanner can be easily integrated into an existing enterprise wireless network infrastructure with minimum eort. It not only reduces capital expenditures but also improves the return on investment.