PF680BT Series

The result of Cino’s progressive engineering, PF680BT combines outstanding portability with the wireless edge afforded by Bluetooth. Small in size, this imager can be easily carried for scanning work that demands mobility. When paired with the smart cradle, PF680BT provides a cordless working range of over 100 meters. Moreover, its rugged housing offers superior protection against unintentional drops.

  • Pocket-size and easy to carry
  • IP65 level protection against dust and water
  • Integrated with the latest Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Smart cradle offers radio coverage of over 100 meters
  • Works with most Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices
  • Batch Scanning for simple stocktaking
  • Supports PDF417 and Composite Codes
  • Antimicrobial model available for healthcare applications
  • Withstands drops from 2m to concrete
  • Optional vibrator for quiet or noisy environments
  • Configuration can be done through iCode
  • Advanced data formatting with DataWizard Premium
  • System security development using DataWizard Premium

Ultimate Portability

Cino Bluetooth pocket scanner series is constructed compactly which fits into your hand for single-handed operation perfectly. It can be put into your pocket or purse for easy-carrying no matter you are indoor or outside. Moreover, you can wear it around your neck or wrist with lanyard for accessing to it conveniently.

High Reliability for Low TCO

Cino Bluetooth pocket scanner is designed to meet IP65 rating which can totally protect against particle and liquid ingress. The over-mold design creates a robust protective shell around the device. This enables it withstand multiple drops from 2.0 meter onto concrete. The cradle contact pin is with durability over 1,000,000 times. These features make Cino pocket scanner survive from any kind of harsh environment.

Maximize Worker’s Comfort

Cino Bluetooth pocket scanner’s holding grip matches the contour of worker’s hand and its scan angle is specially designed to meet human factors engineering. The ergonomic design will minimize worker’s fatigue, allowing extended use for scan intensive operation.

Meet Today’s Mainstream

Cino Bluetooth pocket scanner adopts Bluetooth v4.0, the latest Bluetooth wireless technology. It’s completely backward compatible with previous Bluetooth versions and can be integrated with most of Bluetooth host devices seamlessly. Moreover, it comes with more enhancements, such as faster pairing speed, lower power consumption, higher transfer reliability, and less wireless interference.

Flexible Connectivity

Cino Bluetooth pocket scanner provides several radio link modes to communicate with most host devices. It not only can connect to non-Bluetooth hosts via working with smart cradle in PAIR and PICO modes, but also can connect with most of mobile devices. The newly-designed HID mode allows you to pair the scanner with mobile devices simply and quickly without entering the passkey.

Instant Cordless Migration

Cino Bluetooth pocket scanner can work with non-Bluetooth hosts, such as traditional desk top computer, through smart cradle in PAIR mode or PICO mode. This provides an instant plug-and-play cordless migration solution. In PICO mode, one smart cradle supports up to 7 scanners simultaneously. This can reduce the total IT infrastructure cost.

Cost-saving Solution for Inventory Management

Besides online scanning operation, the batch scanning function allows the scanner to store over 80,000 EAN-13 barcode data. The unique quantity feature enables you to store the quantity information together with the scanned barcode data. Batch mode provides simple data collection function which is ideal for inventory application.

Streamline your Workflow

The Cino Bluetooth pocket scanner is equipped with one big trigger button and two function buttons. These four function buttons allow you to enter power-off, sleep mode quickly without scanning the command barcodes. For example, when you use the scanner to work with iOS device, you can switch between barcode scanning and iOS device’s on-screen keyboard quickly by pressing the function button twice. The friendly usability allows you to switch to different operations easily.

Outstanding Reading Performance

Built with the advanced FuzzyScan 3.0 imaging technology, Cino Bluetooth pocket scanner is capable of reading most popular 1D, Linear-stacked, PDF417, GS1 DataBar and Composite barcodes. It can read 13 mil UPC/EAN barcode up to 24” as well as 3 mil high density barcode.

Superior Readibility

Thanks to FuzzyScan 3.0 imaging technology, Cino Bluetooth pocket scanner is capable of reading low contrast, damaged, smudged, poorly-printed and laminated barcodes that are commonly found in the real world quickly and accurately. To meet the emerging mobile commerce application, it can read paper-based and electronic bar codes shown on LCD screen. This makes the whole scanning process more efficiently and extra handling cost will be minimized.

Un-interrupted Scanning

The high-capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery is adopted by Cino Bluetooth pocket scanner. It protects the environment by simply recharging the battery instead of buying new batteries. The fully-charged standard battery can last more than 54,000 scans. It guarantees beyond one full eight-hour shift, no worry for interruption. Higher capacity battery is available if extended working hours is required.

Flexible Installation

Thanks to the special designed mounting holes, the smart cradle can be flexibly linked together to form a multi-slot cradle by a small hard plate. You can get an instant multi-slot cradle solution without any extra investment and effort.